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My name is Alan Brown, owner of AEBArchitects.  Architecture is my passion. Here's a bit more about my company and who I am.  


AEBArchitects is a full service design studio, a "Citizen Architect" with the reputation for innovative community building practices and design recognition. Projects address needs-opportunities with a client, site and community. AEBA solutions enhance ecological, social, human and financial characteristics. Architecture (A&E), Planning, Feasibility, Design Management, Urban Design and Community Development services are available.


What Matters to AEBArchitects

  1. Owner Informed Design Services: individual or multiple-discipline teams; open discourse, exploring options, collaborative problem solving, prioritizing, cost management; integrate design concepts; lead public processing; and guide construction trades and craftsmen.

  2. Site and Community Specific Contexts:  building group forms-solutions in response to use patterns, climate, light, views, landscape, place; a varied quilting of architectural expressions; and thoughtful client serving designs.

  3. Sustainable Development: mixed use, efficient use and versatile built environments; energy, system, material and resource conservation; reuse-enhancement of existing building stock and infrastructure; holistic environmental design; and new lifestyle choices.

  4. Materials in the Natural State: new material applications; use of simple, honest materials; authentic expressions of craft and artfulness; low embodied energy choices; and an experiential design focus, anticipating use and sensory response.

  5. Story of Place: cultural history of place, owner and user; preservation and enhancement of key building and site elements; and modern reuse and reinterpretation.


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