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Alan Brown's work has appeared in the popular press as well as in the following professional design periodicals: "TIME","AP Journal", "Architecture","Architectural Record", "Engineering News Record", "Landscape Architecture", "Metal Architecture", "Metropolis", "Progressive Architecture", and others. The Stapleton project is widely recognized in the environmental and health community regional, national and international publications. Similarly, DIA is widely mentioned in writings on the aviation design industry. The International Terminal Complex in Honolulu is beautifully recognized in Architecture of Hawaii, Sandler, 1993 




Stapleton Development Plan 
Sustainable Community Redevelopment, 4700A Former Airport. City Comprehensive Plan Amendment, Denver, CO, 1995. Responsibility/Co-Author, Director of Design


Here Comes the Sun 1981

Original Solar Multi Family Housing Design Concepts. AIA Research Corporation (HUD, NBS, etc), Washington DC, 1975. Responsibility/Co-Author, Design Architect


Taxi Future Master Plan

CMU-30 Rezoned, Residential-Office-Industrial Mixed Use Development.Urban Catalytic Architectural Design, Denver, CO, 2004. Responsibility/Author, Collaborative Architect


DIA Art Master Plan

Art-Architecture Collaboration, $7.5M Implementation Program. Denver International Airport, 1% for Art Program, Denver, CO, 1989. Responsibility/Co Author, Architecture Representative


Baker Final Report

Comprehensive Inner-City Neighborhood Development. HUD Region 8 (matching grants), Denver, CO, 1981. Responsibility/Author, Program Director, Architect


The Pralltown Report, Southern Urban 

Ghetto Community Redevelopment Strategies. University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, 1970 Responsibility/Co-Author, Community Design Center staff

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