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Project Chronology


  • Harvey Family Residence Remodel-Expansion, 147 Baldwin Circle, Eldorado Springs, COGarden Restoration, Cottage Improvements, Open Plan AdditionResponsibility: Design, SPR Applications, Architect

  • Flood Plane House, 35 Artesian Drive, Eldorado Springs, COMaster Bath, Lower Bath, Broom, Deck, Office Remodel-Expansion Responsibility: Design, VARIANCE Applicant



  • Ostendorf-Stearns Family Residence Remodel, 3450 Eldorado Springs Drive, Boulder, CORemodel, Consolidating 2 Residential Units Responsibility: Architect, Designer, Construction Phase Consultant/$210K

  • South Boulder Creek Residence Remodel, Decoteau-Smith, 42 Barber Lane, Eldorado Springs, COInterior Remodel, Kitchen Great Room, Office, 2 Baths Responsibility: Architect, Designer/$190K

  • Hayes Residence Addition, Valmont Road, Boulder, CO Exterior-Interior Remodel, East Side Outdoor Living Improvements Responsibility: Designer, Facilitator



  • TAXI 2 #100, Proposed FL-2 Offices, 3457 Ringsby Court, Denver, COOpen Plan 2-Level Studio for International Graphic Design Firm, Karl BeckerResponsibility: TI Designer

  • TAXI 2 #101, Fitness and Community Facility, 3457 Ringsby Court, Denver, COLocker Rooms, Steam, Sauna and Flex Workout Space Core-ShellResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer/$20K

  • TAXI 2 #103, Denver High Def, 3457 Ringsby Court, Denver, COVideo-Audio Production Company 2-Level Studios, Anton AntokhinResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer/$100K

  • TAXI 2 #106, CPRA Design Studios Proposal, 3457 Ringsby Court, Denver, COCemetery Landscape Architecture Multi-Discipline 2-Level Offices, Doug FlinResponsibility: TI Designer

  • TAXI 2 #110, Landworks Design, 3457 Ringsby Court, Denver, COLandscape Architecture Studio, 2-Level Offices, Gary WorthleyResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer/$200K

  • TAXI 2 #203, Hanna Photography, 3457 Ringsby Court, Denver, COPortrait Photography StudioResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer/$20K

  • TAXI 2 #205, Group Meeting Space, 3457 Ringsby Court, Denver, COOffice, Kitchen and Storage cluster adjacent to Multi-Media Meeting FacilityResponsibility: TI Designer

  • TAXI 2 #212, KL&A Engineering Offices Proposal, 3457 Ringsby Court, Denver, COOpen Plan Offices, Systems, Greg KingsleyResponsibility: TI Designer

  • TAXI 2 #214, Clifton-Jones and White Const Offices, 3457 Ringsby Court, Denver, COMedia Conference, 2 Offices and Open Plan Space, Ken CliftonResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer/$100K

  • TAXI 2 #215, Councilwoman Judy Montero Offices, 3457 Ringsby Court, Denver, COOpen Plan Offices, SystemsResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer/$20K

  • TAXI 2 #223, Studio Insite Offices, 3457 Ringsby Court, Denver, COOpen Plan Urban Design FacilitiesResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer/$300K

  • TAXI 2 #334, Custom NW Corner Residential Condominium2-Level, 1800SF, 3BR, 3BA, Residence Design and ConstructionResponsibility: Interior Architect, Designer/$200K



  • Janssen-Brown Residence, 1355 S Foothills Highway, Boulder, COSPR Application, 1300sf Remodel - Expansion bordering Boulder Open Space, 2006-07Responsibility: Architect, Applicant, Designer/$550K

  • Barber Homestead Historic 3500sf Remodel-Expansion, 79 Barber Lane, Eldorado Springs, COLandmark 1860 Homestead Structure, New Building Group, 2006 – 08Responsibility: Architect, Designer, Construction Phase Consultation

  • Taxi Phase 2, River North Neighborhood, Denver, CO110,000sf Residential-Office Mix, 2004-06Responsibility/ Collaborative Design Architect, Coordinating Architect/Arch of Record/$20,000,000

  • Taylor-Johnson Remodel-Expansion, 1500sf, 263 Eldorado Springs Drive, Eldorado Springs, COCombine and Redesign 2 Historic Resort CabinsResponsibility: Architect, Designer/$100K

  • Schoales Residence Remodel, 1417 Gilpin Street, Capitol Hill Neighborhood, Denver, COMaster Bath-Closet-Bedroom Insertion into a Victorian HomeResponsibility: Architect, Designer/$100K

  • TAXI Phase 1 Café #105, 3455 Ringsby Court, Denver, COCommercial Kitchen Design, Construction Documents, Greg Boynton, Haute Touch CateringResponsibility: TI Design Consultant

  • TAXI CoHousing Proposal, 3460 Ringsby Court, Denver, CO29 Stacked Residential Units, Communal Facilities and Site Interface, Ted PearlmanResponsibility: Design Consultant

  • Lowry Hanger 2 + 1 Redevelopment, LRA Proposal with Mickey ZeppelinMixed Use, High Density, Layered Reuse of Hanger Shell StructuresResponsibility: Design Proposal Author 

  • Denison-Brown Residence Remodel, 148 Artesian Drive, Eldorado Springs, COGlass/Transparency Bathroom and Laundry ReconstructionResponsibility: Designer, Architect



  • Eichler Residence Remodel, Jeff & Kara Park Family, 1822 S Ivanhoe Street, SE Denver, COInterior Remodel of Classic Modern Structure, Family Kitchen Great Room, 2005-06Responsibility: Architect/Designer/$80K

  • Walnut Square Redevelopment, Focus Corporation, Half City Block at Walnut-34th-Larimer, Denver, CO Urban Warehouse Renovation, As-Built Documents, Schematic Design, 40,000sf, 2005-06Responsibility: Architect, Programmer, Designer

  • West Washington Park Residence Remodel and ExpansionInterior Remodel and Expansion, Michael O’Conner, 08 Grant Street, Denver, COResponsibility: Architect, Designer

  • Taxi Future Phase 2, River North Neighborhood, Denver, COGroup Conceptualizing of a 100,000sf Residential-Office Mix, 2004-06Responsibility/ Collaborative Design Architect, “Editor”, Owner’s Representative

  • TAXI Phase 2 A&E Design-Build Construction DocumentsMixed Business-Residential Commercial Building DevelopmentResponsibility: Architect-of-Record, Collaborative Designer

  • Realia Property Development, 11625 Point View, Boulder, COSPR, LISR and Rezoning Applications to Boulder County, 2005-06Responsibility/Design Consultant, Applicant

  • ACLU Colorado Chapter OfficesOffice Remodel-ExpansionResponsibility: Architect, Designer/$100K

  • River North Square, L&M Development, Full 3500 Block of Brighton Boulevard, Denver, CO2-5 Story Mixed Use Business Redevelopment, Structured ParkingResponsibility: Planner, Architect

  • Rockers Residence Remodel, 623 Gilpin Street, Capitol Hill Neighborhood, Denver, CO2-Level Interior RemodelResponsibility: Architect, Designer



  • Raphael Cottage, 150 Artesian Drive, Eldorado Springs, CO Building Design and Construction Responsibility: Architect/$450,000

  • River North Neighborhood Plan, North of CBD and LoDo Denver, COCity & County of Denver, “Blueprint for Denver” Area Targeted for RedevelopmentResponsibility: Public Participatory Process/Editor, Contributor

  • TAXI Future, Envisioning the Future of a Forgotten 15A Inner City Industrial Area, Denver, COMaster Plan/Residential-Office Mixed Use Community, 2004-06Responsibility/ Author, Collaborative Design Architect

  • TAXI Too, 3455 Ringsby Court, Denver, COPhase 2, 60,000sf Office Building, connected to Phase 1Responsibility: Conceptual Designer/$6M

  • Zeppelin Brighton Boulevard Development, Connecting TAXI to 3100-3600 Brighton to Arkins CourtDevelopment Program Options, Catalytic Master Plan DocumentsResponsibility: Planner, Designer 

  • Benner (Christa Heally) Residence Remodel-Addition, 15685 Cedarbrook Drive, Jefferson County, COMulti-Phase Design Strategy, Kids Bedroom Suite, Open Multi-Level RemodelResponsibility: Master Planner, Phase 1 Architect, Designer/$40,000

  • Block 33 Urban Redevelopment Proposal, Fort Collins, COMixed Use Residential Urban Infill, 2004Responsibility: Proposal Architect

  • Judith Cott Residence Art-Remodel, 701 S Milwaukee, Denver, CO Design Collaboration with Susan Wick and Doug SeamonsResponsibility: Architect



  • Raphael Cottage Remodel-Expansion, 150 Artesian Drive, Eldorado Springs, CO, Zoning Variance, Sketch Plans150 Artesian Drive, Eldorado Springs, COResponsibility: Planner, Architect, Designer

  • Denver Big Picture High School, Phase 2 Renovation, 5900 E 39th Avenue, Denver, COInterior Expansion, DPS Charter School for At Risk StudentsResponsibility: Architect, Designer/$200K

  • greenHOUSE Residences Full Block Buildout, Red Peak Development, David Cohen, Cherry Creek, Denver, CO161 Residential Units, Structured Parking, Full Block Buildout, 2003-04Responsibility: Planner, Architectural Designer/$35M

  • Stapleton Single Family Tract Residence Remodel, Dick and Kathleen AndersonBasement and Ground Level ImprovementsResponsibility: Design Consultant/$30K

  • Mercy Housing at TAXI, 3455 Ringsby Court, Denver, CO1/1 FAR Affordable Housing and Mixed Use Studies, with OZ ArchitectsResponsibility: Design Consultants

  • Margorie Goldman Residence Interior Remodel, 42 Artesian Drive, Eldorado Springs, COKitchen, Living, Sitting, Dining, Lower Bedroom RemodelResponsibility: Designer, Architect/$40K

  • TAXI Phase 1 #106, John Atencio Jewelers, 3455 Ringsby Court, Denver, CONew Offices, Product Development, and Jewelry Manufacturing FacilitiesResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer/$1.5M

  • TAXI Phase 1 #098, Westphal, 3455 Ringsby Court, Denver, COOpen Plan Commercial Photography Studio, Paint Booth Conference Room, OfficesResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer/$100K

  • TAXI Phase 1 #099, Marylynn Gillespie Photography, 3455 Ringsby Court, Denver, COPortrait Photography StudioResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer/$10K

  • TAXI Phase 1 #103, Denver High Def, 3455 Ringsby Court, Denver, COVideo-Audio Production CompanyResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer/$60K

  • TAXI Phase 1 #104, Breckenridge Communications, 3455 Ringsby Court, Denver, COInternet Services, Studio RemodelResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer/$20K

  • TAXI Phase 1 #101, Zeppelin Sales Office, 3455 Ringsby Court, Denver, COOpen Plan Office, Kitchen MockupResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer/$20K

  • Wildflower Ranch, Cherryvale Road, Boulder COAnalysis of Improvements in preparation for SaleResponsibility: Designer/$20K

  • SDC Corporate Offices, 29th Street, Stapleton Redevelopment, Denver, COSDC, Non-Profit Affiliates, and Public Assembly SpaceResponsibility: TI Architectural Designer/$250,000



  • Denver Big Picture High School, Phase 1 Renovation, 5900 E 39th Avenue, Denver, COCommercial Building Renovation, DPS Charter SchoolResponsibility: Architect, Designer, Construction Phase Consultant…$200K

  • TAXI Phase 1, Historic Reuse, River North Neighborhood, Denver, CO28000sf Creative Office-Industrial Conversion of Derelict Yellow Cab Headquarters Property, 2002-04Responsibility: Architect, Designer, Construction Phase Consultant…$2M

  • Falcone Family Residence, 1315 Cascade Street, Boulder, COSingle Family Residence Remodel-ExpansionResponsibility: Architect, Designer, Construction Phase Consultant…$200K

  • Falcone Family Residence Butterfly Carport Structure, 1315 Cascade Street, Boulder, COSingle Family Residence Remodel-ExpansionResponsibility: Architect, Designer…$50K

  • University Hill Multi-Family Housing Remodel-ExpansionTim Howard, 705 Aurora Street, Boulder, CO4 Small Residence Ground Level Remodel, New Rooftop Residential PadResponsibility: Architect, Designer…$900K

  • Absinthe Lounge, 1410 Market Street, Denver, COKyle Zeppelin Martini Bar, Commercial Interior RemodelResponsibility: Design Proposal

  • Morrison Urban Development, Old Morrison Road, Southwest Denver, COMulti-Family Housing Development ProposalResponsibility: Proposal Architect

  • TAXI Phase 1 #102, 3455 Ringsby Court, Denver, COCreative Instinct’s 1000SF Studio Office, Gavin LevyResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer

  • TAXI Phase 1 #105, 3455 Ringsby Court, Denver, COArchitecture Lab 1500SF Studio, Non Profit Exhibition SpaceResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer

  • TAXI Phase 1 #104, 3455 Ringsby Court, Denver, COTwo Photographer’s 2500SF Studios, Frank Cruz, Marylynn GillespieResponsibility: TI Architect, Designer



  • greenHOUSE Residences, 275 S Harrison Street, E Cherry Creek Neighborhood, Denver, CO6 Story, 59 Unit Condominium, 2000-03Responsibility/Design Architect, Owners Representative, Construction Consultant…$12M

  • Lowenstein Residence Interior Remodel, 410 Birch Street, Hilltop Neighborhood, Denver, COMBath, Closets, MBedroom, OfficeResponsibility: Architect, Designer, Construction Phase Consultant…$80K

  • Stapleton Visitor’s Center, Forest City Development, East Denver, COSustainable Building Design, Light-Filled Pavilion, 2001-02Responsibility: Design-Build Architect, Designer, Construction Phase Consultant…$1M

  • Smith Family Audio-Video Recording Studio, Shop, Wine Cellar and Site Improvements3400 Eldorado Springs Drive, Boulder, COResponsibility: Architect, Designer…$900,000

  • Eldo Village Center, Cafe, US Post Office, Studio, Site and Roadway ImprovementsResponsibility: Design Concept, Planner, Public Process…$300K 

  • Indian Peaks Homestead Residence Remodel and Expansion, Germaine and Forrest CasonTree Farm Residence Design & ConstructionResponsibility: Designer, Architect

  • 11th and Acoma Business Storefront Remodel, Golden Triangle Neighborhood, Denver, COSite and Building Repairs, ImprovementsResponsibility: Designer, Architect

  • Haarburger Family Hillside Residence Remodel and ExpansionReworked SF Residence Concrete Frame, Envelope, Spaces, LayoutResponsibility: Architect…$100K

  • Speculative Residence Remodel and Expansion, Eric Johansen2036 Mapleton Street, Boulder, COResponsibility: Designer, Architect

  • TAXI Property Assessment, Zoning, Infrastructure, Development Scenarios3455 Ringsby Court, Denver, COResponsibility: Planner, Designer



  • greenHOUSE Residences, 275 S Harrison Street, E Cherry Creek Neighborhood, Denver, CO6 Story, 59 Unit Condominium, 2000-03Responsibility/Design Architect, Public Process Consultant, Owners Representative/$12M

  • Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver, Susan Wick Art Installation, Sue Cannon2nd Level Gallery Install, “Everyday Ideas Entertain Me”Architect, Design Collaborator

  • TAXI Phase 1 #100, 3455 Ringsby Court, Denver, CO

  • Zeppelin Development Company, 2000SF Real Estate OfficeResponsibility: Design Consultant, with Semple Brown, Roberts

  • River North Neighborhood Consulting, Denver, COCatalytic Development Options, Urban Infrastructure Concepts, Neighborhood Plan, Steve GordonResponsibility: Design Consultant, Planner

  • Machebeuf Odyssey School, a DPS Charter School Remodel, Expeditionary Learning Grades 1-6Colorado Children’s Campaign, 1950 Elm Street School Reuse, Park Hill Neighborhood, Denver, COResponsibility: Architect, Designer, Construction Phase Consultant

  • Smith Family Residence Remodel and ExpansionLast of several phases, 3380 Eldorado Springs Drive, Boulder, COResponsibility: Architect…$100K

  • Mason Family Residence Remodel & Expansion, 140 Artesian Drive, Eldorado Springs, CO, Jeff & Julia Mason3 – level Redesign, Reuse and ConstructionResponsibility: Architect, Designer, SPR Applicant…$400K

  • Forrest Cason Indian Peaks 3A Outlot, Tree Farm Master Plan, Phasing Plan, InfrastructureOutlot Parcel of Residential Subdivision, Baseline Road East of 95th, Lafayette, COResponsibility: Planner, Design Consultant 

  • Van Loo Property Redevelopment, Eldorado Springs Drive at Chesbro, for Joe PalumboSite and Building Reuse – Redesign ConceptsResponsibility: Design Consultant

  • Chrisman Family Residence Remodel and ExpansionPhase 2, Children’s Wing, SiteworkResponsibility: Architect

  • Kresin Family Urban Residence Remodel and Expansion ProjectFor a growing family at 1585 Cook Street, Denver, COResponsibility: Designer, Architect



  • Lone Tree Professional Center, Suburban Building Group, Colorado & Santa Fe Land Co, Lee HardiesFour 2-Story Masonry Condominium Office Buildings with Perimeter Parking, Lone Tree, COResponsibility: Designer, Architect

  • Joplin Residence Remodel-Expansion, 197 Artesian Drive, Eldorado Springs, COPermit Documents and $80K ConstructionResponsibility: Designer, Architect

  • Zeppelin Loft Interiors, Layout, Built-Ins, Shelving1050 Cherokee Street, Denver, COResponsibilities: Designer

  • Stapleton Visitors Center, first Stapleton new construction, Denver, CORehab Existing Landscape, Forest City Development and Mortenson Construction, 7000sfResponsibility: Designer, Design-Build Architect/$1M

  • Stapleton Odyssey School, first Stapleton Construction, DPS Charter School, Expeditionary Learning Grades 1-6Modular Building Group on Existing Airside, Temporary Addition to former Concourse “A”Colorado Children’s Campaign, Syracuse and MLK Boulevard, Denver, COHealy Family Residence Remodel and Expansion, Bow Mar, COSite and Building Repairs and Improvements ProjectResponsibility: Architect

  • 9450 Owl Lane, Boulder County, Summit Ventures Development, John GrubbHistoric Barn & New Residence Integrated DesignResponsibility: Schematic Design, Limited Impact Special Review(LISR), $1.5M

  • Chrisman Family Bow Mar Residence Remodel and ExpansionPhase 1, Kitchen, Family, Dining, MBedroom Design and ConstructionResponsibility/Architect, Designer/$100K

  • Graves Cherry Hills Residence Remodel and Expansion3D Garden-View Kitchen Design and Construction, $50KResponsibility: Architect

  • Singer Cherry Hills Residence Remodel and ExpansionDesign-Construction, $80KResponsibility: Architect

  • Cooper-Cohn Cherry Hills Residence, Breakfast Room Addition, 1 Winwood DrivePostmodern Addition-WrapResponsibility: Design Collaborator

  • Helios Health, Medical Office Complex, Table Mesa Neighborhood, Boulder, COExisting Building Analysis, Expansion Plan Options, with Pierre BrunsweigResponsibility: Designer

  • North Washington Street Mixed Use Redevelopment, Denver, CORedevelopment Proposal with C&C of Denver, Ned BurkeResponsibility: Design Consultant

  • 1226 Bannock Street Renovation ProposalGolden Triangle Neighborhood, Denver, CO



  • Stapleton Development Corporation (SDC), Denver, COImplementation/Arch, Urban Design and Planning TasksResponsibility: Design Consultant, 1998-00

  • American Geological Institute(AGI), National Geoscience Data Repository & Resource Center, Washington DCOrganization Projections, Staffing, Budgets and Facilities for Shaun Egan, 1998-99Responsibility: Architect for Stapleton Aviation Hanger Renovation, Feasability & Reuse/$3.5M

  • Retail Development at Stapleton, Pacific Retail Trust (PRT), Denver, CO, Bill WoodwardMixed-Use Neighborhood Center, 40A Site, 1998Responsibility: Planner/$30M

  • Colorado Studios, Masterplan, former private aviation campus, 23rd Ave & Syracuse St, Denver, CO, Phil GarvinTV & Film Production Facilities Program and Site Plan ImprovementsResponsibility: Design Consultant 

  • Stapleton Sustainable Development Technology Campus, 11A at 35th - Quebec et al, for Skip SpenselyBusiness Planning Studies between MLK and the 40th Street Downtown – DIA Transit ConnectionResponsibility: Design Consultant

  • Leadville Mixed Use Development, Leadville, CO23 Acre Historic Town Dump Site, into Civic, Retail, MF Residential, Public Park Development, 1998-99Responsibility: Master Plan Architect, Conceptual Building Design/$22M

  • West Denver Residence Remodel, 2229 Grove Street, Carlos RenteriaOwner - Built Restoration and Interior ImprovementsResponsibility: Architect

  • Joplin Residence Remodel-Expansion, 197 Artesian Drive, Eldorado Springs, CO, Laura JoplinBoulder County Site Plan Review and Variance ApplicationsResponsibility: Architect

  • “Staplestone” Demonstration Project, 56th Street Pedestrian - Wildlife, Natural, Grade - Separated CorridorRecycled Runway Concrete as Bridge Abutment Retaining WallsResponsibility: Consulting Architect, with Dick Farley

  • I – 70 2 Mile Stapleton Frontage Design Studies (Quebec, Yosemite, Havana), with Hargreaves and WenkUrban Infrastructure, Landform and Landscape Concept, DocumentationResponsibility: Consultant, Director of Design

  • Stapleton District 5 Studies, S of 56th, W of Havana, with Catellus Development Business Use Neighborhood, Infrastructure, Development Parcels, Neighborhood CenterResponsibility: Design Consultant

  • SDC 17th and Lawrence Street Offices, Andy BarnesHigh Rise Office Building TI RemodelResponsibility: Architect, Designer

  • Denison-Brown Studio Remodel, Site Improvements390SF Office, Exterior Entry Passage, 148 Artesian Drive, Eldorado Springs, COResponsibility: Architect, Designer/$30K

  • Palmos Master Developer Proposal for StapletonMixed Use Italian Village Concept, Proposal BrochureResponsibility: Designer, Writer

  • Estes Park Gateway Master Plan Charrette, Estes Park, COUrban Area Expansion, Riverfront Development, Charrette ManagementResponsibility: Designer, Charrette Leader

  • Observatory Park Residence Remodel and Expansion, for Bill, Laura and George Woodward3 Phases of SF Residence, Site and Outbuilding ImprovementsResponsibility: Architect, Designer…$120K

  • Boulder Reservoir Residence Rehab & New Construction, Summit Venture Development, John Grubb 5225 North 51st Street, Building Group and Site Design-Construction Responsibility: Design, Architect…$850K

  • Niwot Homestead Property Redevelopment, Summit Venture Development, John Grubb7428 73rd Street, Barn-Silo-Farmyard Restoration & SF Residential New ConstructionResponsibility: Designer, SPR Application-Approval, 76A Conservation Easement, 4A Homesite 



  • United Airlines (UAL) Flight Training Center Master Plan, 35th and Quebec, with RNL and Jeff ReddySite and Building campus Expansion - ImprovementsResponsibility: Design Process Manager

  • RK Mechanical Hanger Conversion, Smith Rd & Yosemite, Stapleton, Denver, CO, Ron KinneyCorporate Office, Engineering, and Plumbing – HVAC Fabrication and AssemblyResponsibility: Design Process Manager

  • SDC Corporate Offices in the former Concourse “A+”, MLK and Syracuse, Stapleton, Dick AndersonAdapt Existing Entry Dropoff and Landscape, New TI Interiors and Furnishings.Responsibility: Architect, Design Consultant

  • Stapleton Building Inventory - Mapping, with Denver International Airport Staff, Dave Mereno et alGraphic and Text Files for all Built EnvironmentsResponsibility: Design Process Manager

  • Stapleton Open Space System, 1200A Development Standards, with UD&FCD, Wenk and Michael BrendleOpening Westerly Creek et al, Multi – Use Trails, Natural Landscape and other FacilitiesResponsibility: Design Process Manager 

  • NCAA Headquarters Proposal at Stapleton, with RNL250,000SF Concourse “E” Reuse into Corporate Offices and Exhibition SpaceResponsibility: Design Process Manager

  • Dunham-Holicky Handicapped Accessible Suburban Residence RemodelOpen Plan Daylit Interior Space, 2171 Dallas Street, Arapahoe County, COResponsibility: Architect, Designer

  • ZWick Place, Railroad Hotel Renovation – Reuse, 3601 Wazee, River North Neighborhood, Denver, COSF Residence, Mixed Media Studios, Assembly - Event SpaceResponsibility: Architect, Designer

  • ZWICK Place First Annual Installation Exhibition, Group Art ShowHanger Reuse Charrette

  • KL Realty, Numerous Architectural Consultations, with Nancy DenisonSpring Gulch, Gibbons, King, Sixth Street, Cowan, Wildflower, 73rd Street, Point View, 75th Street



  • Commerce City 815A Urban Expansion Studies56th and Quebec Master Plan adjacent to Stapleton RedevelopmentMurray Lamont, Jim Murray, with Ron Straka Collaborator

  • Stapleton Development Corporation, Mobilization, District-by-District Strategies$300M Infrastructure, Specific Area Plans, etcResponsibility: Director of Design

  • Stapleton Runway Concrete Recycling Program

  • Bladium Sports

  • Bluff lake Park

  • Sand Creek Greenway

  • Stapleton RTD Transit Center

  • Police Academy

  • Jail Complex



  • Lowenstein Residence Remodel, Greenhouse Addition

  • 240 South Clermont, Hilltop Neighborhood, Denver, CO

  • Stapleton Development Plan, Publication of “Green Book”

  • City & County of Denver, Comp Plan Amendment, 4700A Stapleton Site



  • Denison-Brown Residence Remodel, Kitchen, Living, Dining, Entry148 Artesian Drive, Eldorado Springs, CO$50K



  • Lowenstein Residence Remodel, 240 S Clermont, Denver, CO





  • Wagner (Volker) Building, LoDo, Denver, CO14 Unit Historic Renovation, Loft Reuse, 1991-92Responsibility/Design Architect/$1M





  • Honolulu International Airport, Oahu, HawaiiInternational Terminal Complex (Chang-Daley), 1989-93Responsibility/Director of Design/$500M

  • Arizona Jetport Project, Regional Transport Hub between Phoenix and Tuscon, ArizonaSouthwest USA “Wayport” (FAA), 1989-90Responsibility/Conceptual Designer/$1B



  • New Orleans Convention Center Complex, New Orleans, LouisianaUrban Infill, Multi-Phase Implementation, 1988Responsibility/Design Consultant/$100M



  • Denver Convention Center Complex, Denver, CODesign-Build Competition, Site Selection, Facilities Program, Conceptual Design, 1987-88Responsibility/Architectural Design Consultant representing CITY of DENVER/$84M

  • Stapleton International Airport, Denver, CO (example of several tenant projects)3 Concourse Rest, 2 Terminal Rest, 1987Responsibility/Principal, Design Architect/$850K



  • Denver International Airport, Denver, COLandside-Airside Complex Master Architectural Plan, 1986-88 Landside-Airside Complex, Arch & Eng Standards, 1987-89Public Arts (1% for art) Program, 1988-89Landside Terminal Schematic Design & Design Development, 1988-00Responsibility/Director of Design for multiple-discipline A&E team/$5B




  • Radisson Hotel & Convention Center, Remodel-Addition, GURA(Greeley Urban Renewal Authority), Greeley, CODesign-Build, 150 Rooms, 2 Restaurants, Pool Court, Oldtown Urban Infill, 1985-88Responsibility/Principal, Architect/$7M

  • “Silver Square” Historic Renovation-Expansion, 3377 Blake Street, Denver, CO40 Design-Build Live Work Loft Units, 1985-87Responsibility/Principal, Architect/$1.5M

  • Stapleton International Airport, Denver, CO (example of several aviation projects)Terminal Expansion, 200,000sf (Reddy-Perez Team) 1985-87Responsibility/Principal, Design Architect/$28M

  • New Orleans Commercial Development Studies, Joe Cannizaro Development, LouisianaFour Urban Retail-Office-Residential Sites, “Class A” Feasibility Studies, 1985Responsibility/Design Architect/$100M

  • Elderly Housing Midrise Complex, Ron Cappello Development, Fort Collins, COUrban Infill, Historic Preservation Component with New Construction, 1985Responsibility/Studio Director, Design Architect/$6M



  • Stapleton International Airport, Denver, COConcourse “E”, 300,000sf (Reddy-Perez Team) 1984-87Responsibility/Principal, Design Architect/$32M

  • Castle Pines Mixed Use Entertainment Complex, Douglas County, CO300A Mixed Use Town Center, 1984-86Responsibility/Principal, Design Architect/$450M

  • Griffith Park Equestrian Center, Stolte Development, Los Angeles, CA78A Mixed Use Master Plan w/Implementation, 1984-86Responsibility/Principal, Design Architect/$14M

  • Intercontinental Hotel Campus, Scottsdale, Arizona150 Room Hotel, 50 Casitas, 18 Hole Golf Course, Indian Wash Site, 1984Responsibility/Master Planner, Architect/$25M

  • The Mesa Lodge, Steven Rudy Development, 150 Room Mesatop Complex outside of Durango, COHotel, Spa, Restaurant, Meeting Facilities, 1984-85Responsibility/Studio Director, Design Architect/$8M

  • Athletic Club and Day Care Facility, Club Sports Development, Colorado Springs, COMixed Use Urban Infill, 1985Responsibility/Studio Director, Design Architect/$4M





  • Denver Union Center Project, LoDo Denver, COHigh Density, Office-Retail-Transportation Uses, 1982Responsibility/Senior Project Architect/$450M



  • US Postal Service, Central Facility Conversion, Downtown Denver, COHigh Density Mixed Use Historic Renovation-Addition, 1981Responsibility/Design Architect/$30M

  • Denver Tech Center Office Building Studies, SE Denver, COSix DTC Sites, “Class A” Feasibility Studies, 1981Responsibility/Design Architect/$100M



  • Thirteenth & Speer Office Complex, Golden Triangle, Denver, CO2 Midrise Office Towers, Below Grade Parking, 1980-81Responsibility/Project Architect, Designer/$16M

  • Sloan’s Lake Big Box Renovation-Reuse, Office Complex, Edgewater, COLandscape GSA Office Layout, Urban Design, 1981Responsibility/BRI Architect/$1.5M

  • La Alma Lincoln Park, Section 8 Housing, Westside Denver, CORehabilitation of 56 Units on 6 Sites, 1980Responsibility/BRI Architect/$900K

  • Stabilized Adobe Block Production and Use



  • Baker Neighborhood Residential Redevelopment, Westside Denver, CO18 Block Target Area, 155 Mixed Projects, 1979-81Public-Private Partnership in FundingResponsibility/Program Director, BRI Architect/$3M



  • Celestial Seasonings Tea Company, Consolidated Campus, Boulder COSite and Master Plan for Offices, Processing, Warehousing,1978Responsibility/Principal, Collaborative Architect/$4M

  • “Boulder Springs” Spa, 18th & Walnut Streets, Boulder, COUrban Infill, Hot Tubs, Interior Gardens, Offices, 1977-78Responsibility/Collaborative Architect/$1.5M



  • “Wormglenn” Organic Waste Treatment Plant, Northglenn, COSustainable Public Utility Proposal, Site Planning, 1977Responsibility/Principal, Architect/$500K



  • Betty Gibbs Residence, Left Hand Canyon, Boulder, COPassive-Active Solar, Water-Waste Recycling, 1976-78Responsibility/Principal, Design Architect/$180,000

  • “Grape Cluster” Residential Enclave, Grape Street in North Boulder, CO5 Passive-Active Solar Residences, Common Garage, Pool and Site Amenities, 1976Responsibility: Principal, Architect/$750K



  • Stonebraker 19th Street Solar Housing, Boulder, COResidence for 32 Students, Communal Living, 1975-77Responsibility: Principal, Collaborative Design Architect/$250K

  • Multi-Family Housing, Tim Urban Development, West Kansas City, MissouriMulti-Family & Single-Family Residential Projects, Solar Demonstrations, 1975-77Responsibility: Principal, Designer, Architect/$800,000



  • Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC), Downtown Denver, CO3 Independent Colleges, Urban Commuter Campus, 1974Responsibility/Planner, JV Design Team Member/$41M



  • Community College of Denver (CCD) Foothills Campus, Westminster, COSolar Heated Voc-Ed Commuter College, 1973-75Responsibility/Facilities Program, Design Team Member/$15M

  • Passport One Highrise Condominiums, Capitol Hill Denver, CO12 Story, Urban Residential Tower, Parking Structure, 1973Responsibility/Design Team Member/$5M



  • Writer’s Center Tower, Southeast Denver, COHighrise Office Building, Parking Structure, 1972Responsibility/Design Team Member/$15M



  • Englewood Public Schools, Elementary Level Media Centers, Englewood, CO6 Mixed Media Library Additions, 1971Responsibility/Site Planning, Design Team Member/$300M



  • Pralltown Report

  • Washington University, Saint Louis, MOCampus Expansion Design Competition



  • Pralltown Community Design CenterRepresenting Tenants in Landlord GrievancesSlave House Remodel-UpgradesPralltown Park Pavilion Design and Construction



  • Palladian Villa on the Kentucky RiverPart Time Employed in a Neo-Classis Architecture PracticeSite and Building Design, First Client Relationship



  • Harlem NYC Church and Public Park Project

  • Gratz Park Library Expansion Project



  • Degas Artist’s Residence Project



  • John Lautner Retreat, Kentucky River Canyon Site Project

  • Piazza San Marco Urban Model Project



  • Began University Education as a Fine Art MajorFollowing High School mentor, interests were Drawing and Sculpture

  • Art and Architecture Studios were adjacent in a heavy timber former tobacco warehouseSpontaneously attended Lou Kahn Lecture, followed by Bruce Goff Lecture Changed Major to Architecture


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