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  1. Alternative Energy Measures : 30 years of public-private grant awards, authored publications and design awards for solar passive, solar electric, solar hydronic, geothermal, green roof, super-insulated, radiant heating, energy management; and natural illuminated-ventilated buildings.

  2. Mixed Use Development : Pioneered MU zoning; creative code compliance; first Denver live-work project; innovative, people friendly urban design; planning and A&E feasibility; and international planning-architecture awards.

  3. Urban Residential Lofts : future building prototypes for high quality compact living in Boulder County; new and remodel construction scaled to a rural context; and uniquely rural site and building design.

  4. Rural Residential : future building prototypes for high quality compact living in Boulder County; new and remodel construction scaled to a rural context; and uniquely rural site and building design.

  5. Low Cost Housing : cost-effective designs; first 175-home existing urban neighborhood redevelopment; Habitat for Humanity(2) homes; Federal funded MF housing; and non-profit housing development projects.

  6. Preservation : Landmarked structures; reuse and enhancement of historic sites-structures, continuing the story-of-place; modern designs that honor and complement historic predecessors.

  7. Public Works : Denver International Airport among many aviation projects; major convention facilities; public processes in the public commons; user friendly public infrastructure design; large scaled, flexible, expandable systems intensive buildings; and committed “citizen architect”.

  8. Community Building : Pralltown freed slave community; Congress Park neighborhood; Baker public-private funded neighborhood redevelopment; award winning Stapleton Redevelopment; trendy River North neighborhood; and Eldorado Springs infrastructure, planning and zoning


Grant Awards For Design

  • TAXI Brownfields Econonomic Redevelopment, HUD/EPA, 2006

  • TAXI Mixed Use Redevelopment, City and County of Denver, 2005

  • Denver Mayor’s Office of Economic Development (MOED), TAXI Phase 2, 2005

  • Eldorado Springs Advisory Committee (ESAC), LID District

    • State of Colorado Revolving Fund (FED), 2006

    • USEPA, LID District Grant, 2005

    • State of Colorado Planning Grant, LID District, 2004 

  • Colorado Children’s Campaign, Denver Public Schools (DPS) Charter Schools

    • Sturm Foundation, Skyland Community High School, DPS Charter, 2003-05

    • Sturm Foundation, Machbeuf Odyssey School, DPS Charter, 2001-02 

    • Sturm Foundation, Denver, The Odyssey School, DPS Charter, 1999-00

  • Governor’s Office of Energy Conservation, State of Colorado, 1997

  • Great Outdoor Colorado (GoCo), Denver, CO, 1995, 97

  • Piton Foundation, Denver, CO, 1979-81, 1992-96

  • Baker Neighborhood Redevelopment, 1979-81

  • Boettcher Foundation, Denver, CO, 1980, 1993-95

  • The Denver Foundation, Denver, CO, 1980, 1993

  • US West Communications, Denver, CO, 1994

  • Public Service Company of Colo, Denver, CO, 1994

  • El Pomar Foundation, Colorado Springs, CO, 1993

  • Gates Foundation, Denver, CO, 1979, 1993, 1997

  • Coors Foundation, Golden, CO

  • Adobe Construction, 1980

  • Stapleton Redevelopment, 1992

  • Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI), 1980

  • US Dept of Housing & Urb Dev (HUD), 1974, 76, 77, 79

  • US Department of Energy (DOE), Wash DC, 1978

  • Colo Society of Architects (AIA), Denver, CO, 1976

  • Colo Council on the Arts & Humanities, Denver, 1975

  • Nat Bureau of Standards (NBS), Washington DC, 1974

  • AIA Research Corporation, Washington DC

  • Solar Multi-Family Housing Research, 1974


Awards Special Projects and Exhibitions

  • CNU National Conference, Innovative Projects Recognition, 2009

    • Silver Square, Denver’s Original Live-Work Loft Enclave, Industrial Reuse, Architect

    • Stapleton Redevelopment, Design Director for National-International Award Winner

    • TAXI 1 and 2 Urban Mixed Use Development, Architect. 

  • AIA Denver 2008 First Honor Award for Design, Denver, CO

    • Architect of Record, 1 of 4 Design Collaborators, 200

  • TAXI Phase 2, Mayor’s Annual Award, Denver, CO

    • Architect, 2008

  • TAXI Phase 1, Mayor’s Annual Award, Denver, CO

    • Architect, 2006

  • AIA Lecture Series, Public Places Secret Spaces, Denver, CO:

    • TAXI Mixed Use Development

    • Catalytic Architects Collaboration, 2005

  • Denver Mayor Hickenlooper, 10 Major New Projects, Denver, CO:

    • City Award, TAXI Open House, Events, 2005

    • Blueprint Denver, Mayor’s Off. Of Econ. Dev.

  • Denver Museum of Contemporary Art (DMOCA), Denver, CO:

    • Susan Wick Installation, Architect, 2003

  • ZWICK Events Space, Denver, CO:

    • “Where Art & Arch. Intersect”, Installations, 1998-99

  • Zeppelin Loft Residence Furniture Commission:

    • Sculptural Design Elements, 1999

  • American Institute of Architects (AIA), for Stapleton Redevelopment:

    • Denver Chapter, Milstein Comm. Des. Award, 1997

    • New York State Chapter, Urban Design Award, 1997

    • Colo Annual Convention, Stapleton Lecture, 1997

    • Colo Annual Convention, Stapleton Exhibition, 1993

  • American Institute of Architects (AIA):

    • Colorado Convention, Stapleton Charrette Chair, 1997

    • Colorado Convention, Estes Park Charrette Chair, 1998

  • American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), for Stapleton:

    • National Conference, President’s Award for Design, 1997

  • Stapleton Development Plan (The Green Book), Public Presentations and Exhibitions:

    • 150 Community-Professional Group Events, 1992-96

    • Comprehensive Plan Amendment, adopted by Mayor-Council, 1995

  • American Planning Association (APA), for Stapleton Redevelopment:

    • National Award for Comprehensive Planning, 1996

    • Colorado Annual Planning Award, 1995

    • Four Corners Regional Conference, Lecture, 1997

  • National Forum on Non Point Source Pollution, National Geographic Society:

    • “Westerly Creek Watershed”, National Award, 1995

  • Urban Design Forum, Stapleton Hanger Options Workshop (SHOW):

    • Design Charrette, Denver Art Museum Exhibit, 1995

  • Urban Drainage & Flood Control District, Metropolitan Denver, CO:

    • Stapleton Stormwater Outfall, Design Advisor, 1994-95

  • US Fish & Wildlife Service, Nat Wildlife Refuge (Rocky Mtn Arsenal), Commerce City, CO:

    • EIS Master Plan, Design Advisor, 1994-95

  • State of Colorado, Office of the Governor:

    • Stapleton Development Plan, Annual Smart Growth Award, 1995

  • AIA National/International Union of Architects, Joint Annual Convention, Chicago, 1993:

    • International Sustainable Community Competition, Exhibited Finalist

    • “What Does A City Do With An Abandoned Airport?”

  • Functional Sculpture, in collaboration with Nancy Denison:

    • Gallery Exhibits and Private Commissions, 1987-Present

    • Public Art Competition, Finalist, 1990

  • Concourse “E”, Stapleton International Airport, Denver, CO:

    • First Mini-Mall Service Areas 

    • First Mezzanine Level Moving Walkway System

    • First Multi-Tenant Concourse, DIA Precursor

    • WESTWARD, Best of Denver Awards, Best Public Building, 1989

  • 3377 Blake Street, “Silver Square”, Denver, CO:

    • First Denver Loft & Live-Work Development 

    • Preservation Denver Award, 1988 

    • Historic Denver Design Award, 1988

    • American Institute of Architects, Design Award, 1988

    • METAL ARCHITECTURE, Renovation Award, 1989 (Magazine Cover)

  • Kyle Belding Gallery, Denver, CO:

    • “Architectural Models” Design Exhibition, 1988

  • Center For Idea Art, Denver, CO:

    • “Unrealized Dreams In Arch”, Exhibited Drawings, 1986

  • Metropolitan Arts Alliance, Denver, CO:

    • “Art By Architects”, Exhibited Drawings, 1985

  • American Pedestrian Conference, Boulder, CO:

    • Thirteenth Street Design Competition, Finalist, 1985

  • Perez Architects Annual Lecture Series, University of Colorado, Denver, CO:

    • Chairman and Presenter, Mario Botta, 1985

    • Chairman and Presenter, Kaiji Lui, 1986

  • AIA Environment ’76 Competition, Denver Art Museum, Centennial Exhibition:

    • “1100 Block of Detroit Street”, First Design Award, 1976

  • University of Kentucky, College of Architecture, Lexington, Kentucky, 1965-70:

    • Noffsinger Award for Design Excellence

    • Academic Dean’s List


American Institute of Architects (AIA) AWARDS

Granddaughter Amelia Jane holds the AIA Denver 2008 First Honor Award, for TAXI 2 Work/Live, presented to Alan Eban Brown Architects, Architect-of-Record. The bronze plaque was installed in the TAXI 2 Entry Lobby. Credits include MORTENSON Construction, Zeppelin Development, David Baker and Partners (San Francisco), Alan Eban Brown Architects (Eldorado Springs), Will Bruder + Partners (Phoenix), Harry Teague Architects (Basalt), and Wenk Associates (Denver).



Congress For The New Urbanism (CNU) RECOGNITION:


The CNU 17 Regional Projects Book, (Colorado Urbanizing, Experiencing New Urbanism) accompanying the CNU National Conference, highlights 3 AEBA pioneering urban mixed use projects.


First is the mid 1980's SILVER SQUARE, an AIA award winning industrial building reuse, Denver's original loft, Live/Work building complex. 


Second is the 1990's STAPLETON REDEVELOPMENT, a national-international award winning sustainable and diverse urban infill community.


Third is the 2000's TAXI Phase 1 and 2 campus redevelopment of derelict Yellow Cab property in Denver's River North (RiNo) Neighborhood. 


2009 CNU Submittal 


GREENhouse Buildout V.7 VISION Booklet:

Greenhouse Phase 1 midrise residential condominium building, in Denver's Cherry Creek East (CCE) Neighborhood, was completed in 2001. In 2010, new Denver Form-Based Zoning and CCEA neighborhood agreements, became a catalyst for buildout of the GREENhouse Block. With emphasis on healthy urban family living in a Colorado garden, vehicles are tucked efficiently below an open, accessible, mixed-use neighborhood building group landscape.GREENhouse V.7 Vision Booklet 



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